Sometimes some things are not what they used to be. Bottom is up, inside is out and the purpose is changed upside down.

Like this clock. Some parts remember times when people were calling each other without knowing "who" is actually on the other side before they pick up the phone ! We could hardly be prepared what is going next ... Are you prepared for this crazy-time composition?

BACKPHONE is a result of absolute freedom in wall-clock-making.
Have you ever seen an electronic part used as a minute hand? (if so, there is another one;)

This is a perfect example of "PHONE TO CLOCK" evolution.

This clock was made in november 2010 with serial number 606.

The price is 2.971,- czech crowns (about 150 us dollars) - postage not included .

BACKPHONE CLOCK SOLD NOW. If you are interested in similar looking clock, contact us here.