One clock - two movements. Something special for bikers or clock collectors. This is a fusion of old clock part (numbered clock face) with new bike part (front pedal wheel).
As you can see on the upper picture there is one clock movement which moves the minute and hour hand (the silver ones) and one clock movement underneath the clock face which moves the second hand (that is the thin red stripe next to number 7.
This is an unusual hands setup since normaly the second hand is at the very top. It is not really good for anything but it is original and interesting :)
Another DUBIKE wall clock irregularity - if you want to change battery in the upper movement you have to loose the silver nut ( upper picture ) ...
and turn the whole bottom part of clock aside. It is not really convenient but it is original and interesting and it improves your mechanical skills ;)
This beautifull ancient clock face with very unusual letter font was purchased on the flea market and combined with unexpected new parts.
And here is DUBIKE clock in heavy duty transport box (upper picture)

If you are interested in such a "DUBIKE" wall clock model you can order similar one. Please note it will always be remake and look slightly different.
But the design is always consulted with customer and you have chance to make a suitable look of your clock. And if you are not satisfied you can cancel the order with no penalty.

The aproximate price of this clock is about 250 US Dollars (includes the box, does not include the postage).

You will find another SALE info HERE.