All the clocks you can see in photo gallery are for sale.

Most of them you can order exactly in design you find on pictures. Some of them will however differ because of unique objects they are made of. For example - if you order clock made from a tennis racket I can not guarantee they will be from the same type of racket like you see on the photograph etc...

What I can guarantee is that you will have a very special time-measuring object on the wall or on the table, precisely made according to design you most prefer.

You can also make your own design or send an object you wish to make the clock of.


Average price of most of the clock ranges between 60 - 150 Euro (80 - 200 US Dollars).

The clock-price includes design, material, work and special box for safe clock transport. The clock-price does not include shipping costs.

Contact me for exact clock-price of your chosen clock via e-mail and specify the delivery destination (country) where do you want the clock to be sent. Also please state the date you want the clock to be finished.

You will be informed then about the final price (including the shipping costs).

I will start to work on your clock after you confirm the price and the date.

There is usually no advance fee required.


You can order or ask about the price here.

All agreements or contracts are set trough e-mail or telephone communication.

You can cancel the order any time you want without any reason.

You can refuse finished clock if you are not satisfied. (in such case I ask only for paying the "shipping back" fee)

You can change the clock specification even during the production process. I will try to meet your requirements.


There is a special transport box made for every clock. It should protect it from any damage. As far as now all the clocks sent from Czech Republic to different countries all around the world made it ok.


Shipping costs depend on transport box size, delivery date required and final destination. Here you have approximate prices of an average clock box - 40 x 40 x 15 cm; 3 kg ( 15 x 15 x 6 inch; 6 pounds) for chosen destinations.

EUROPE - 20 Euro (7-14 days); 40 Euro (4 days); 100 Euro (overnight)

US & CANADA 50-80 USD (7-14 days delivery time); 300 USD (2-3 days)

Please contact me for other countries shipping costs and specify your delivery and destination requirements.


Depends on agreement.

It is very simple to pay via PAY-PAL. You need only my e-mail adress -
Here is more info on

However bank account transfer (see number and IBAN here in contact), Western Union or other ways are possible.


There is a 5 year guarantee for every SESTKA clock. You will get a CERTIFICATE with name of the clock, serial number and maintenance information.

I am very glad if you like this website and consider to buy some SESTKA clock. As you can see this is not a typical internet on-line sale where you put products in basket and then you pay with your credit card. This is more about getting original object which creating is based on commucation between customer and clockmaker. May I ask you for a little patience and little more effort to order then ? I hope you will be finally happy with the result like hundreds of customers before you. Thank you for your understanding.


your clockmaker

Jan Čejka


phone: + 420 602 757 485

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